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Elurair (RO Patcher Lite+ROCred Merge) (c) 2012-2022 Ai4rei/AN

Universal auto-patcher for all your updating needs combined with a launcher, which is fully skinnable, highly customizable and easy on resources. It is free of any cost and works on every 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft* Windows* platform.

Elurair (Free) (stable) Download
Elurair (Demo) (stable) Download
Elurair (untested) Download


[2022-07-01] Release

This release adds mouse-over effect to buttons (review your skins) and fixes, among others, the patcher dead-locking when being closed during patching. There are two new localizations available, ar_EG and pt_BR.

Do you want to translate Elurair into your language? Check out the dedicated discord channel for details.

[2022-05-01] Release

This release adds 3rd party patch server progress limiting and ability to use videos as background.

[2022-02-20] Release

This release adds support for self-updating and fixes ZIP archives would not be extracted.

[2022-02-20] Release

This release adds support for ZIP archives and reflects builder and configuration improvements based on community feedback.

[2022-01-04] Release

This is the initial release of Elurair, which is a merge of RO Patcher Lite, for the patching part, and ROCred, for the user interface. Internally Elurair is considered a fork of ROCred, that's why it starts with version 2 and 10th anniversary. Existing ROCred configuration should work, except that patcher configuration has to be added. Documentation is provided in form of a annotated sample configuration and skin. For more details see also the doc/ directory. For now GPF and RGZ files are supported; RAR, THOR and ZIP are considered and are left for community-feedback.

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Elurair with Sample Skin Elurair Builder Elurair disguising as RO Patcher Lite


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Latest release

This build is clean and ready for configuration. It will not work on its own. (286 KB, 32-bit)


This build is pre-configured to the sample configuration. (225 KB, 32-bit)

Latest nightly (untested) NIGHTLY (583 KB, 32-bit)

Previous versions

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