RagnarokOnline Job Class & NPC Sprite List

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Instead of linking to images directly, prefer using search links. Lists can be searched with 'id;id;id', ranges with 'id-id'. There is no warranty that the direct links persist, like the search links do. Also while moderate hot-linking of NPC sprites/illustrations on low-traffic, non-private-server websites is allowed, exceeding a certain amount of traffic will cause the page to be banned. Note, that hot-linked images are subject to branding.

Do not link to 'Display All' listing ( ?qq=all )
The complete listing is very memory intensive, especially older machines and those lacking memory may freeze or crash; something you usually do not desire, but many people do this. Link to http://nn.ai4rei.net/dev/npclist/ and leave the decision to the visitor.

All illustrations are selected according to the sprite look or in-game experience, this might not reflect actual assignment.