RagnarokOnline Open Setup (c) 2010-2020 Ai4rei/AN

Enhanced alternative for the default game setup application shipped with every RagnarokOnline installation. Comes in several languages, is free of cost and works on every 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft* Windows* platform.

RO Open Setup (stable) Download (161 KB)
RO Open Setup (untested) Download (169 KB)


[2018-09-30] Remaining TODO for 2.15.0N

In addition to general functionality, following tests are needed for release, and you can help, if you want:

  • Functionality (whether or not selected settings work) with more recent clients (July 2018 and newer)
  • Functionality with not so recent clients (2016 and older)

opensetup.log can be created by pressing SHIFT+ESC (= write log and discard changes).

Of course you can also suggest new functionality.

[2018-08-28] Release

This release updates Russian translation and fixes a minor UI glitch.

Older entries

Can be found in the news archives.


On Windows 98 On Windows 7 On Windows 8 On Debian Wheezy (WINE)


Do not provide mirrors for the downloads below, you will end up with an outdated version quickly. Do not hot-link to the downloads either for the very same reason. Link to this section. Thank you.

Latest release (161KB)

Latest nightly NIGHTLY (169KB)

Previous versions

Use of these is at your own risk. They are mainly for archaeological research.


You can configure the application by creating an INI file with the same name as the executable (exename.exe -> exename.ini). Settings template is part of the release packages since version 2.10.2.

Q&A Intentionally not called FAQ, as no one asked yet, but just in case.

Can I run this in WINE?
Runs on WINE 1.0.1 or higher. Tested on Debian 5.0.4 with default WINE configuration. Earlier versions might not work properly.
I have have issues with OpenSetup, is there something I should add to my report?
When you experience the issue, press Shift+Esc inside the OpenSetup window until it closes and provide the generated log file (exename.log) along with your report.
OpenSetup starts again after I close it, how can I make it stop?
Usually it is the RO client that starts OpenSetup again, because it cannot find settings. Press Ctrl+Esc to break the loop. Do not use this, if you started OpenSetup manually; you will kill file manager (typically Windows Explorer).
What languages are currently included?
  • Čeština (cs-CZ)
  • Deutsch
    • de-DE: Contributions by Xalion
  • English (en-US, primary)
  • Español
  • Français
  • 日本語
  • Português
  • Русский
    • ru-RU: Maintained by Jarek
  • ภาษาไทย
  • 中文
Languages without credits are maintainted by myself. New translations are gratiously accepted.


This software is provided AS IS, without warranty of ANY KIND, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose. The author SHALL NOT be held liable for ANY damage to you, your hardware, your software, or to anyone or anything else, that may result from its use, or misuse. Basically, you use it at YOUR OWN RISK.


You are encouraged to use the bbs for submitting translations, requesting support or reporting bugs. Feedback on OpenSetup, whether positive or negative, is more than appreciated.