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RO Patcher Lite Help (c) 2009-2024 Ai4rei/AN This pre-release content is subject to changes.



This document describes follow up procedures that may help to restore corrupted files caused by a bug in version 2.4.26 and 2.4.27.



RO Patcher Lite version 2.4.26 introduced some changes to GRF/RGZ handling, that were back-ported from trunk. These changes were unfortunately flawed, so that updating files would not replace them, but rather rewrite them. The problem becomes only apparent, when the newer file is smaller than the older one. On 22 July 2020 (patch 5000) kRO Sakray has reset rdata.grf through a RGZ patch. This is a uncommon, but completely valid procedure. Due to the flaw, the resulting archive could not be opened and could cause an assertion (which revealed an another minor bug). Any file that is patched with RGZ could be impacted and the flaw applies to all servers. To assist in undoing caused damage, version 2.4.28 introduces repair functionality that allows to re-apply or re-play old patches. The following describes in detail on how to restore the RO installation to uncorrupted state.



Make sure you have updated RO Patcher Lite already to at least 2.4.28 to proceed with these instructions and prevent further damage from occuring.

Open RO Patcher Lite and irrespective of whether or not the patcher starts patching, select the Repair... button. Read the warning and confirm it.

ro-patcher-lite repair-button

The following window allows selection of a previous patch number, from which RO Patcher Lite should start patching again. The default on the right is the current patch number, by moving the slider to the left, you select older patch numbers. As a rule of the thumb, going back 10 patches should be enough, if you patch regularly. Otherwise consult the the table below for recommended patch numbers and patch list names, where you can look up patch numbers by date.

ro-patcher-lite repair-slider

Table 1: Recommended patch numbers to repair from
ServerPatch listSlow, Regular
bro-ragpatch3.txt4216, 4970
jro-ragpatch2.txt4448, 4459
jro-urdr*) not affected
kro-ragpatch2.txt4780, *
kro-zeropatch2.txt791, *

After selecting a patch number, one more confirmation dialog appears, before queueing the patch process. If you cancel the repair patch process, the patch number will not be saved and you have to start over. For technical reasons, you cannot run two repair patch processes in succession without restarting RO Patcher Lite.


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